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5 Reasons to Choose MGOC

Being very passionate about what we do and successful with every case we have ever handled, we would be glad to give our students a flavour of expert handling. But long story short, here are a few reasons for why we would prove out to be the best choice.

i. Only experts can guide.

At MGOC, the team of counsellors consists of only those people who are very much proficient with their work and know every bit of studying abroad. The team is country specific and all countries are not dealt with a yardstick. Plus, the team works personally with every applicant to tap the said and unsaid needs of the student and sort the best name and the most suitable course in order to pave student’s way to success.

ii. One-stop Solution

Starting from the very beginning, we will do it all. Counselling moves to shortlisting which gets completed by collecting documents and then applying to the universities. Then getting the offers, the payments, CAS letters and the all the interviews prep is taken care. Also, the visa and the accommodation is under the same roof. Furthermore, your English language test preparation is catered online if required. In a nut-shell, you come in and take an exit straight to your dream university.

iii. Flexible Working

We are a more than just a team, at MGOC we are all a family. We live like one and take ownership like one. Hence, we would not shy away to take your queries anytime they come up. Just like your problems won’t strike during our working hours, we work whenever you need us.

iv. Help with IELTS/PTE/Duolingo Prep

In case you are a little sceptical about your English language strengths, don’t worry. We run a full-fledged language training centre and also extend online support for students to remove the barrier of geography. This will help students who are working professionals or those who lack just by a small margin.

v. Every applicant is important.

We feel every applicant is important and deserves utmost care and attention. Hence, we keep a separate track record for every single activity related to individual and also keep the applicant well informed of the progress. To maintain the health of this system, the director himself stays in direct touch with each applicant and keep in check every big-small query, if any.

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