The Ireland-The country is well known for its natural beauty, the magnificent castles and the mix of subtle and a hipster lifestyle. However, it is not just about the stereotypes. The country is well known for its excellent Education and the vast job opportunities and the course selection options. Here is a couple of reasons to prove our point:-

  1. Safety Comes First :- Ireland has been ranked as one of the safest countries in the world. The country even made it is way up to the top 10 countries in global peace indices. So worrying about all the harmful elements in the society is not much of a problem.
  2. Superior Research based Education : - The universities are more focused on Research, making it beneficial for the students. The extensive research facilities are beneficial for students who are primarily looking for specialized masters and graduation courses. Plus, Irish universities have tie-ups with most top institutes globally, allowing getting a flavour of various education systems through exchange programs.
  3. Job abundance :- With loads of companies having their headquarters and research facilities in Ireland, getting jobs upon completion of the degree is a child’s game. Nearly 40-60% of the leading financial services firms are also there in Ireland. Also, the universities in Ireland are known to employers worldwide and significantly impact the CV.
  4. Earn and learn :- The government allows students to apply for the work permit to support their education expenditure. With an allowance of 40 hours a week(Month of May/June/July/August/Mid-dec to Mid- Jan) and 20 hours per week during other academic months, you are sure to earn some fair amount to support your degree. There is also a variety of study abroad loans to help international students supplement their education in Ireland.
  1. Inspite of giving such superb alcohol to the world, being drunk is an offence in public.
  2. St. Patrick- Not from Ireland.
  3. The Titanic was built in Belfast, Northern Ireland , by about 15000 irishmen
  4. Hallowen- It all started there
  5. Rain- Always there, forever.
  6. TCD- Trinity college Dublin is the oldest University in ireland