Exhibiting the required excellent English language proficiency is one of the essential prerequisites, other than meeting the educational conditions.

English does not happen to be our first language, and it's natural for us to falter in usage. Colloquialism and Indianism usually are the parts of our speech, which makes us unfit for our "study abroad plans".

We certainly do not make mighty promises to flip your English level from 0-10 in a couple of months. No, we can't do that. Though we can undoubtedly polish your skills to a level where you will be able to meet the University precondition, you would also be ballooned with confidence to clear your subsequent interviews at different stages of the whole process.

Our faculty members are highly skilled, and the team knows how much is to be given to the students according to individual requirements to make it to the level. Each student is taken care of in the batch of 5-6 students, maximum.