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We would like to thank you for showing interest in our organization. MGOC- we consider us lucky that our idea worked as a Launchpad for millions of dreams in the eyes of budding generation. We are helping applicants to discover the dormant professional in them by grasping the knowledge of their desired future, which knows no boundaries. We could be helping someone who wishes to move out of his/her 9-5 slavery and set-up an entire organization - An Entrepreneur, or someone who once dreamt of going global and wanted to learn the cultures of this global village in the best education system- An International Business enthusiast.


Who We Are

Studying abroad is not just about gathering a bunch of documents, sending to university, waiting for the offer and the other formalities. It is rather a responsibility and a matter of pride that someone has given us his/her baton of life. We help people build their future the way they have dreamt of. We are a team of enthusiasts who wishes to give the premium experience of working with professionals. The director of the company has himself been in the shoes of a student and hence understands the problems and the insecurities faced by a student.


Our Vision

Everyone at MGOC is dedicated to carefully understand the state of mind of an applicant and assign the best universities to students based on the budget, the geographical preferences, eligibility criteria and course choices. It is always advisable to go and stay for 1 year abroad since it gives you a whole new perspective and lets you see where the world is going, one can think beyond the boundaries of one’s nation. The experience of having students from 30+ countries under one roof is going to teach you more than any other classroom.


Our Goal

We have tie-ups with almost all universities in the UK and the premium ones from Ireland, hence we have a whole lot of names to offer. For us, every case is the first case and every applicant is our brand ambassador. Hence, we work round the clock to make the ends meet and smoothly run things. The counselling is done by the professionals and every student is in direct touch with the director. Every case has to be another success story at MGOC and every story is a cause for celebration for us. We look forward to work with you and see your dreams come true through our eyes.

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